Registration and entry requirements :

The school offers quality education  to KG up to Grade 9 students whose parents are interested in private school option that is characterized by high discipline and academic expectations . Our priority is to ensure that both parents and students become actively engaged in our school  vibrant community and benefit from the curricular and co- curricular programs that are provided by our school.

Admission procedures :

  • Interested parents may contact the school for admission if their children  meet the age condition as early as February. The registration department will explain the admission procedures and answer any queries parents might have.
  • Parents who decide to proceed with the process are expected to :
a- submit a completed and signed application form.
b- furnish the required documents
c- pay the registration fees
d- book an appointment for the interview / diagnostic exam
  • Parents will be updated with the interview/ exam results and school decision regarding admission within two days after the exam / interview
  • Parents will be able to proceed with enrollment confirmation by formally registering their children and settling the first installment.
  • Registration will be finalized when parents are guided to proceed with other arrangements   as assigning class section, uniform purchase , transport arrangements , etc.
  • Any prospective student applying for a class that becomes full will be offered the next place on the waiting list .
  • Parents of students currently at the school will be given the priority to re- enroll them along with their siblings for each subsequent year . places will not be guaranteed  beyond the re-enrollment period allocated to current students.
  • Parents of new students are encouraged to get a copy of school’s policies , rules and regulations from the registration department in order to familiarize themselves and their children with school expectations  regarding discipline, student behavior , attendance and   academic school program.
  • Students who pass the entrance exam will be accepted.
Entrance exam covering areas :

-         English Language arts skills 
-         Computation and problem solving skills in Mathletics
-         Arabic Language skills
-         Pre-school applicants are admitted on the basis of qualifying interview