Fee Structure

Fee Structure
Academic Year 2018/2019

Year Level   Tuition Uniform + vat 5%   Books Health Fee
KG-1   12,500 335   600 300
KG-2   13,000 335   1,000 300
Grade -1   13,500 335   1,780 300
Grade - 2   14,000 335   1,800 300
Grade - 3   14,500 335   1,900 300
Grade - 4   15,000 335   1,940 300
Grade - 5   15,500 335   1,950 300
Grade - 6   16,000 335   1,150 300
Grade - 7   16,500 335   1,600 300
Grade - 8   17,000 335   700 300
Grade - 9   17,500 335   1,700 300

*Installment Schedule 
2018-2019 Academic Year:
Year Level
1st  Term
1st Cheque

2nd Term
2nd Cheque
3rd Term
3rd Cheque
KG-1 2000 3000   3750 3750
KG-2 2000 3200   3900 3900
Grade -1 2000 3400   4050 4050
Grade - 2 2000 3600   4200 4200
Grade - 3 2000 3800   4350 4350
Grade - 4 2000 4000   4500 4500
Grade - 5 2000 4200   4650 4650
Grade - 6 2000 4400   4800 4800
Grade - 7 2000 4600   4950 4950
Grade - 8 2000 4800   5100 5100
Grade - 8 2000 5000   5250 5250
Tuition Fee Discounts
Sibling Discount

Sibling Discount Discount
Eldest child No discount
Second eldest child 10%
Other children 10%
*Terms and Conditions apply and are available from the Rules and Regulations of MOE Book.
Payment Methods and Terms

Payment of fees can be made by:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
    • These cheques need to be submitted to the School Accounting Office before the start of the academic year.
      Should a parent wish to substitute a post-dated cheque (PDC) with cash, this must be done 10 days prior to the cheque date.
      If a school fee cheque bounced for insufficient funds or a closed bank account, a fine of AED500 will be applied to each bounced cheque.
  • Credit card at the School Accounting Office
Elite American School bank account details are as follows:

Account Name Al Nukhba private  American  School
Bank Name Abu Dhabi Islamic bank
Account No 13705156
IBAN AE 510500000000013705156
Bank Address UAQ

The student's full name and year group need to be mentioned in the transfer instructions and the transfer confirmation should be e-mailed to:
Fees are payable in four installments; an initial deposit followed by three termly installments.
The following expenses are not included in the School Tuition Fees:

  • School Transportation
  • School Uniform
  • After School Activities
  • School Trips
Additional Fees

Application Fee

Assessment fees AED 200 Dhs (non refundable) due at the time of assessment.

Advance Payment

An AED 2,000 advance payment must be paid on acceptance to the school, 5% of the total fees is non-refundable in case of withdrawal according to the MOE Rules
This sum will be deducted from the annual tuition fee
Transportation Fee:

Failure to pay school fees may result in a loss of the student's place in the school, with holding of their school reports, transfer certificates and/or examination results, as well as, temporary suspension from school.

Tuition Refund Policy (As Per MOE Rules
Inside UAQ Hamriyah Falaj Rafaa Ajman
3000 3,500 4000 4000 4000
Non Payment of Fees

All students withdrawing from the school must submit notification in writing (providing 30 days notice) to the Admissions Office.
The application fee remains non-refundable, while tuition and transportation fee refunds follow the Ministry of Education Bylaws for Private Education. If a student withdraws or leaves school for any reason, the refunds will be processed as follows and returned to the original payee.

  • If a student attends school for less than 2 weeks of the Term, one months' fees are payable.
  • If a student attends school for more than 2 weeks but less than one month, two months' fees are payable.
  • If a student attends school for more than 1 month, one full term fees are payable.
  • The refund policy applies to each term of the academic year.
The value of one month's fees is calculated by dividing the total fees for the school year by 10.Charges for books and school uniforms will not be refunded, but the above conditions for refund apply for transportation fees if the school provides the service.
Parents are required to fill in the designated refund form and provide it along with the required documents to the School Accounts Office. Refunds to the original payee will be processed by a cheque within 10 working days.
Exceptions to the rules  can  be made if there is evidence of family travel to another country, or a move to another Emirate or any un fore seen circumstances. Such cases will be referred to MOE for advice.


In order to secure seats for the following academic year, parents will be asked to pay a set re-enrolment advance payment of which AED2000. All  re-enrollment advances paid will be adjustable against first term fees. Please note, parents with an outstanding fee balance, will not be able to re-enroll their children for the subsequent academic year.