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Welcome to Elite School : Our Elite American School is one of the best title schools in UAQ .We are incredibly proud of everything we have achieved till now. As every parent caters for the best for their children ,we EAS  absolutely share the same goals. We help improve the quality of teaching for our students to learn and grow even more than they ever imagined . We offer a relaxed and peaceful

School Vision

We work together to Prepare knowledgeable, pioneering, and globally minded generations and equip them with the innovation and life-long learning skills.

School Mission

Adopting and implementing highest international, educational standards. Developing creative and professional learning environment. Preparing every student, to the maximum of his/her capability,to play activerole in his/herglobally-competitive society. Help all students’ age groups to meet their future college and career demands through offering the best educational services in line wi

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Honorary board

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