Students Affairs

Ministry of Education- UAE
The Elite American Private School-UAQ
The rights and duties of a student First: Student’s Rights

1) To protect the dignity of the student and not to be insulted or discriminated among his colleague for reasons of religion ,sex, color or family affiliation.
2) To receive educational materials which are aligning with the quality standards as well as the student has the right to ask for details he didn’t understand well during the class.
3) The student has the right to participate in the educational process and to express his thoughts and feelings.
4) The student has the right to participate in the various activities organized by the school and to present his views and suggestions regarding what he sees best for the students’ activity.

Second: Student’s Duties

1) The student must adhere to the daily attendance in the school timings.
2) In cases of absences, the student has to provide an excuse to the school and he has to know the lessons that he skipped and study them.
3) The student has to be committed to public morals inside the school with his teachers, colleagues and all the school staff.
4) The student should be obliged to maintain the property of the school and the tools used commonly among students.
5) The student should be committed to bring his tools and attend the exams.